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From "Thierry Kormann" <tkorm...@ilog.fr>
Subject RE: Question about Bridge?
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2002 07:04:17 GMT
> Qustion:
> I have been going though the org.apache.batik.bridge and going down All
> Known Subinterfaces and All Known Implementing Classes and i have
> run into a
> few elements that I can not find....are this elements not
> implemented yet or
> did I miss something....I really want to know where they are
> implemented if
> not in bridge package.....I bet a missed a lot here....?

> animate
> animateColor
> animateMotion
> animateTransfrom
> mpath
> set

SMIL is not supported in batik yet.

> cursor
> definition-src

not implemented yet.

> def

the <defs> element does not require a bridge.

> altGlyphDef
> altglyphItem
> font-face-format
> font-face-name
> font-face-uri
> tref
> tspan

handle in the SVGTextElementBridge or an utility class

> foreignObject
> metadata
> script
> style

Those elements do not require a bridge.

> symbol

handle by the SVGUseElementBridge.

> view

handle by the SVGAElementBridge.

> A tagging interface that all bridges must implement. A bridge is
> responsible on creating an appropriate object according to an Element.

Yes. Basically, the bridge transforms an element into its associated object
into the GVT world (see batik.gvt package). Some elements do not need a
bridge because they have no 'graphic representation' or do not influence the
rendering at all (such as defs, metadata, foreignObject...). Some others are
handle by another bridge for convenient purposes such as the
SVGTextElementBridge that handles <tspan>, <tref>...

Hope that helps,


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