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From Thomas E Deweese <thomas.dewe...@kodak.com>
Subject RE: Encoding missmatch problem
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2002 11:46:57 GMT
>>>>> "ML" == Martynas Lelevicius <marte@nomagic.com> writes:

ML> Hi, I try to create SVGOMDocument from the SVG file:

ML> <...> SAXSVGDocumentFactory df = new SAXSVGDocumentFactory(...);
ML> SVGOMDocument doc = df.createDocument(uri, inputStreamReader);
ML> <...>

ML> If the encoding declared in SVG (xml) file does not match
ML> InputStreamReader used encoding exception occurs:
ML> java.io.IOException: Declared encoding "ISO-8859-1" does not match
ML> actual one "UTF8"; this might not be an error.  at
ML> org.apache.batik.dom.util.SAXDocumentFactory.createDocument(Unknown
ML> Source) at
ML> org.apache.batik.dom.svg.SAXSVGDocumentFactory.createDocument(Unknown
ML> Source) <...>

ML> How can I avoid this?

    This isn't my area of expertese, but it looks to me like the
InputSource was created incorrectly or the SVG file was created
incorrectly (I believe UTF8 files can have a 'magic number' that
starts them, it's possible that the XML parser picks this up and then
notices that this doesn't match the encoding declared in the file it's
self, the '<?xml version="1.0" ...>' tag).

    I've never seen this error myself, so it isn't a FAQ, and you
didn't really give a lot of information to go on (the SVG file would
be useful - putting it in a zip archive would help ensure it's
encoding didn't get munged during transport, and a complete stack
trace with line numbers would probably also help - to see where the
InputSource is being created).

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