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From Jakob Ilves <jakob.il...@oracle.com>
Subject Re: java.Security.AccessControlException when starting Batik-Squiggle
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2003 08:51:01 GMT

Thomas E Deweese wrote:


>     You might also try getting the source distribution and building it
> from scratch (it's fairly easy to do as long as you have the JDK).

I've tried this and I can now get Squiggle up and running.  Thanks!

Right now that's enough for me.  I really wished I had time to track down,
understand and fix the exact cause to why the binary distro fails to run
on my system with all the benefits that would give me (better
understanding of Java Runtime setup, more stable Batik etc) but right now
things are too hectic.  Same goes for writing down that stack trace and
post it, I would learn a lot from the responses on the list but still, I'm
too drowned in other things requiring my attention.  A really lame excuse
as everyone else is in that position as well but still....

(Trying to compile from source is the obvious thing to try when a binary
distro has problems...  embarrassing I didn't think that far :-).

Thanks for your assistance and for paying attention to my issues!

Best regards


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