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From Gavin.Wal...@csiro.au
Subject RE: JSVGCanvas.setURI() vs. JSVGCanvas.setSVGDocument()?
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 06:55:03 GMT
Hi Vincent,

> Thanks for sending a test case for the setSVGDocument issue earlier this 
> week. I see that there has already been a response to the size changes 
> issues by Shawn and Thomas.

Yeah, I tried this morning to make up a small example of how the packing
messes things up.  Unfortunately it needs a more complicated piece of code.
I'll get back to it some time.

> Regarding the <script> insertion issue, if you look at the bridge's 
> UpdateManager code, you'll see that we only load scripts upon 
> dispatching the SVGLoad event. Modifications or removal of a <script> 
> element do nothing and additions of a <script> element does nothing 
> either (that is, after the document has been loaded).

So to get new scripts registered I need to call setSVGDocument() or trigger
an SVGLoad event?  For the moment I am working around it by placing all
scripts in the original document I load with setURI().

> Regarding the issue you have initially reported with setSVGDocument (and 
> for which you sent a test case), I have not had a chance to look into it 

Ok for me, not so good for Shawn.  Actually Shawn be better off with two
canvas windows and just swap them back and forth, rather than two documents.

Don't work too hard Vincent  :)

Gavin Walker
CSIRO, Canberra,

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