IF you know how to work with servlets, then that problem is solved. And for batik, you should check out the batik site and maybe these are helpful. : http://www.appdevadvisor.co.uk/Downloads/ada6_2/Hunt6_2.pdf

: http://www.gca.org/papers/xmleurope2001/papers/html/s21-1.html

it ain’t much, but it’s something, once you figure that out, you can experiment, maybe you find something more on how to do it with xml, it’s almost the same so..

Just try, and ask until u found it J



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I'm a newbie, trying to learn how to use Batik (in combination with java
servlets). I have looked on the web for tutorials and failed. Does anyone
know if there actually are any tutorials at all and where I could find those

Thanks a lot!!!