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From Mitch Germansky <...@dragon.rutgers.edu>
Subject invalidate() problem fixed in beta4 seems to be back in 1.5
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 18:52:11 GMT

We're currently in the process of vetting out Batik 1.5 (after many
months of using 1.5-beta4) for our eLearning project.  In the
transition from beta3 -> beta4, there was the following bug fix:

   Adding/Removing children no longer invalidates entire parent region.

This fixed a serious performance problem for us in the JSVGCanvas.
We're using it to do whiteboard-like drawing, and after 2-3 seconds of
drawing, the mouse response time became very poor, and continued to
worsen as more drawing was done.  Essentially as the SVG doc became
more complicated, dynamic screen update suffered.  Beta4 fixed this
for us, but now with Batik1.5 it seems to be back.  Can anyone comment
on this?

Thanks for your time.

PS: tried searching for this old fix on bugzilla but came up empty.
     It IS mentioned in the release notes at

PPS: what's up with the mailing list server?  I tried twice to
      subscribe but my "please reply to this email to confirm" never
      seems to have succeeded.

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