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From Stephen Turner <stephen.tur...@ilc.com>
Subject Re: blink rendering
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2004 12:32:22 GMT
Chimera wrote:

>>I'm working on an application that renders graphics that regularly blink
>>in many areas within the svg document. We are using batik to render the
>>graphics and have noticed that the cpu % exponentially grows as the more
>>blinks occur on the screen (as expected). The circles, rectangles,
>>polygons, etc all blink at the same time. Is there a way to optimize
>>things that blink on the screen when there are really only two images
>>that should rotate.... assuming nothing else changes on the screen? I've
>>looked at DynamicImageRenderer. Is this the right place to start? Any
>>help would be appreciated.
>Is it possible to have all of those items on a 'layer' that toggles
>visibility on and off?  Just an idea.
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I tried that and the cpu still runs high. I basically loaded 2 svg 
canvases on top of each other and toggled them every 500 ms. Any other 


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