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From Ulf Holm Nielsen <dok...@dyregod.dk>
Subject Re: TranscoderInput as Document/SVGDocument
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2004 22:24:38 GMT

On 13.01.2004, at 21:33, Thomas DeWeese wrote:

> Ulf Holm Nielsen wrote:
>> I am having the same problem as 
>> http://koala.ilog.fr/batik/mlists/batik-users/archives/msg05002.html
>   I don't know that we ever figured out what the problem was.
> However it occurs to me that namespaces might well be the problem.
>> I am trying to pass a document containing a svg root element to both 
>> the jpeg transcoder and the printtranscoder without much luck. The 
>> svg doc is a result of a xsl transformation which is the given to the 
>> TranscoderInput constructor. I runs through with the printtranscoder 
>> fine but the output is not there. With the jpeg transcoder it 
>> complains about the width and height being 0?
>> This code works if I output the document to a string and uses a 
>> stringreader as input. Therefore I assume that the document is as it 
>> should be.
>    While this seems like an excellent test it is in fact quite poor
> as many namespace issues can be corrected by doing this.
>    You might try printing the namespace of the root node (and perhaps
> some of the other nodes).

You are absolutely right, I thought I had checked the namespaces... but 
it turns out that the namespaces for width and height for some reason 
was set to an empty string "" instead of null.

Thanks for the fast reply..

Best regards,

Ulf Holm Nielsen

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