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From "Prabhakar Lal" <Prabhakar_...@mindtree.com>
Subject Problem with conversion from raster to svg using batik
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 10:49:37 GMT

Hi All,
Help Required.

Problem Description :

I am trying to convert a png image to svg format using batik API.
If I do not use any ImageHandler in the java code, the image is encoded as
base64 and dumped into the converted svg file.

<image x="20" y="20" width="100"

When I use a image handler such as ImageHandlerPNGEncoder it creates an SVG
file which has link to a png image which is created in the folder which I
<!-- extract of svg --->

<image x="20" y="20" width="100"
xlink:href="file:/F:/WTK20/res/images//pngImage13.png" height="150"
preserveAspectRatio="none" />

In both the cases, I am getting an image tag in the SVG file.
My requirement is to display the svg using batik API in the format given
<!-- Sample
 <g style="fill:#c1c1bf;">
   <path d="M 329.336 727.552 
            C 315.224 726.328 304.136 715.816 303.128 694.936 
            C 306.368 639.496 309.608 582.112 271.232 545.104 
	    C 265.256 499.024 244.016 482.104 234.008 452.512 
	    L 218.24 441.208 
	    L 237.104 411.688 
	    L 245.168 411.904 
	    L 323.936 571.168 
	    L 340.424 651.448 
	    L 329.336 727.552 
	    z" />
How can I achieve the same using batik API? 

Thanks in advance.

Prabhakar Lal

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