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From Tonny Kohar <to...@kiyut.com>
Subject GVTTextNode AttributedCharacterIterator bug?
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2004 04:59:24 GMT

I found strange GVT TextNode AttributedCharacterIterator, the question
is this intentional or bug?

suppose I have svg doc like this
<text x="208.0" y="300">text</text>
iterating the aci from GVT text node give the following output
t  index: 0 runStart: 0 runLimit: 1 
e  index: 1 runStart: 1 runLimit: 4
x  index: 2 runStart: 1 runLimit: 4
t  index: 3 runStart: 1 runLimit: 4
does the first line should be runStart=1 runLimit=4?

Here I attached the sample program to reproduce this.

What I am trying to do is to get the TEXT_COMPOUND_DELIMITER, to
determine the SVG text element part (Text,TSpan,TRef,etc)

Tonny Kohar
SVG Graphics Editor

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