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From Chris Cruzdal <ccruz...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Printing with Rendering Transform/Results
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2004 12:09:01 GMT
Hi Nacho, Thomas,

I have been playing around in order to find a solution
to this problem, which I have, so far, not
encountered, but I have made a few observations which
I would like to share:

In theory, I would picture the "printing with
rendering transform" as the following sequence:
1) Retrieve the viewBox of the SVG document, i.e. a
rectangle which spans the whole SVG document.
2) Retrieve the renderingTransform of the
JSVGComponent (or whatever else one is using).
3) Compose both to obtain a viewBox on which the
renderingTransform is applied--- this is the area of
4) Give the printTranscoder the hints related to the
area of interest and transcode.
In practice, I am stumbling over steps 1 and 3.

Nacho, in your code, I don't understand why you are
doing Rectangle canvasRectangle =
svgCanvas.getBounds(); Afaik this gives you the bounds
(width & height) of the _component_ as it is laid out
on screen, not of the SVG content of the component---
i.e. the width and height will be the size of the svg
canvas component as it is laid out on screen! As
Thomas has stated, I guess this is where the confusion
about what is the area of interest comes in. I further
guess that we both want a rectangle which gives
coordinates within the viewBox (or simply the viewBox
itself). In the files I am using, the viewBox is
actually a no-op (exported from Visio, has attributes
such as height="55.3642in" width="73.8189in"
viewBox="0 0 5314.96 3986.22"). I could not figure out
a way how to do it. Then, I also don't understand why
there is a need for inverse transforms (because I
simply don't know much about computer graphics in
general, so this information might be totally
irrelevant)... I did, however, uncomment that part,
and printing without the inverse transforms applied at
least prints something (and not a white sheet of
paper), though I not the current renderingTransform of
the SVG document.

I just wanted to share these observations. Help would
be, in any case, greatly appreciated. 


Chris Cruzdal

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