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From Thomas DeWeese <Thomas.DeWe...@Kodak.com>
Subject Re: rendering differences between Batik and Adobe's SVG Plugin
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 10:53:50 GMT
post@maikschulz.de wrote:

> [...] However, the results rendered by Batik look different in 

> some cases from what the Adobe plugin renders.
> Does someone have an idea what is either wrong with the SVG or with
> Batik and how to fix it?

Hi Post,

    I suspect that the problem is the construct below.  In particular
the use element in the clipPath is invalid.  A Use in clipPath is
supposed to only reference geometry "directly".  In this case you are
referencing a switch which further contains a path and text element.
You should be able to reference the path and text elements directly.

    Adobe appears to ignore the invalid reference resulting in
an empty clip-path (so it clips everything).  Batik concatenates
the geometry and treats that as the clip-path.  Both should issue
an error.

    Is this really output directly from Illustrator or has it
been modified?

> <defs>
> 	<switch id="XMLID_4_" i:objectNS="&ns_flows;" i:objectType="areaText">
> 		<foreignObject [...]/>
> 		<g>
> 			<path d="M705.072,515.047v-99.998H433.153v99.998H705.072z"/>
> 			<text id="XMLID_10_" transform="matrix(1 0 0 1 438.9551 502.7993)"><tspan
x="0" y="0" font-family="'DomBoldBT-Regular'" font-size="105" letter-spacing="-4.2">139.99</tspan></text>
> 		</g>
> 	</switch>
> </defs>
> <clipPath id="XMLID_12_">
> 	<use xlink:href="#XMLID_4_" />
> </clipPath>
> <path i:knockout="Off" clip-path="url(#XMLID_12_)" fill="#242826" d="M707.265,520.735h-266.1V415.954h266.1V520.735z"/>

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