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From ananth balasubramanyam <abala...@cs.odu.edu>
Subject Re: Converting from SVG to JPEG/PDF/WMF: Fonts?
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2004 15:56:27 GMT

Hi Hans,

I am also working on a similar setup where i need to have my font
information consistent from SVG to JPEG. SVG allows SVG Fonts which are
nothing but font outlines described using SVG curves and shapes. If you
have a true type font (a .ttf file), then you can use batik's ttf2svg font
converter which converts a true type font to an SVG font. you could then
embed the SVG font and rasterize the SVG to a jpeg.

Another way is to make the .ttf file available to the system(JVM) by placing it in the
<JAVA_HOME>/jre/lib/fonts folder. Then you can be sure that the true type
font is available to your SVG and hence the JPEG will look the same. Java
(.. and hence batik) supports only true type fonts and hence you can place
the .ttf font files in the afore mentioned folder. If you are creating
your SVGs in apps like adobe Illustrator, then you might end up using a
open type font or a type 1 font which are adobe+microsofts fonts. There
are applications available which allow you to convert a open type/ type 1
font into a true type font which you can then place in the system folder
and convert SVG to JPG successfully. But you have to make sure that you
have the right to convert or embed the fonts !

On Mon, 8 Mar 2004, Hans Stoessel wrote:

> Hi
> I'm converting a SVG file to JPEG, PDF and WMF. Now I have some problems
> with the fonts. To test it, I have used several different fonts in differnet
> sizes, bold and not bold, italic and not italic. The SVG looks fine, all
> fonts are OK. But the converted files (JPEG, PDF, WMF) are not OK. Some of
> the fonts are replaced, bold and italic isn't working all the time.
> Is there an option to set for working?
> What kind of fonts are allowed?
> In the attachment, you will find the SVG file and the converted JPG, PDF and
> WMF file.
> Thanks for the help
> Regards
> Hans

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