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From ananth balasubramanyam <abala...@cs.odu.edu>
Subject Re: JSVGEditor and presentation program available
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 14:44:43 GMT


Is the SVG Editor available for download. If so where can i find it ?


On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Bibek Sahu wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> Over the past year, the Global Circle of Knowledge project has spent a lot
> of time developing and building an open-source "Lesson Builder Program" --
> essentially a presentation program designed around Batik/SVG.  One of the
> core components of that is a SVG Editor component built atop JSVGCanvas.
> The JSVGEditor is designed to be a relatively small core-codebase, with most
> functionality implemented via ModeHandlers.  Currently, there are
> ModeHandlers for selecting/scaling/moving objects, rotating objects,
> creating rectangles, squares, circles, and ellipses, drawing polylines,
> drawing freehand SVGPaths, working with text, and zooming-in and -out of the
> work area.  It is not difficult to create ModeHandlers to add custom
> functionality for your own apps (e.g., the WhiteBoard thing someone
> mentioned earlier).
> There is also support for grouping/ungrouping objects, flipping x/y, moving
> objects to front and to back, cut/copy/paste/delete (across components /
> documents), undo/redo, and even some preliminary support for font formatting
> (face, size, color, style) on text.
> The LessonBuilder project also includes support for storing multiple SVGs
> -- and the external objects they depend upon -- into a single package (i.e.,
> a presentation: a "Lesson") and reloading and working on that package later.
> It also includes the ability to import slides from other Lessons, and
> drag-and-drop support for adding objects into JSVGEditors.  There's even
> some preliminary code for Audio and Video extensions for Batik.
> Available via CVS from:
> :pserver:anonymous@cvs.lessonbuilder.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/lessonbuilder
> modules:
> 	"svgeditor": standalone JSVGEditor component, and support classes
> 	"LessonBuilder": full LessonBuilder presentation package
> Now I have a request: these Java components / applications need a new
> maintainer.
> These have all been developed as a part of the Global Circle of Knowledge
> educational project.  However, fundamentally we are here to get education to
> the poor people of the world who do not currently have access to much (if
> any) schooling.  Think of it as the educational analog to Open Source. ;-)
> Since we are in the 'business' of creating an educational system, not a new
> presentation system, we have switched our design model to build on top of
> OpenOffice.  Thus, much of the code we have created over the last year is no
> longer of relevance to our work -- but it is still good code in its own
> right.
> I and my development team will be quite happy to assist anyone taking over
> development of this work.  I acknowledge that it needs some more cleanup
> (though I've spent a fair bit of time cleaning it up already), but overall
> we are talking about a very flexible and scalable editing package, and a
> pretty decent (if still weak) presentation package.
> The Global Circle of Knowledge will continue on the path to educating the
> poor people of the world, we just have to take a different approach to doing
> so.  I hope the community will appreciate and make use of the code we have
> created, but that choice fundamentally is up to you -- check it out and see
> for yourself how accurate and meaningful my claims above really are.
> Thank you all for your great work.  Batik really was a wonderful platform
> from which we could work.  We will even continue using Batik later (albeit
> in a different vein ;-).
> All the best,
> Bibek
> Technical Lead
> Global Circle of Knowledge
> http://www.globalcircle.org/
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