Hi all,
I'm having a weird problem related to zoomed JSVGCanvas. I'm working on a SVG application which display the svg file in a JInternalFrame, I'm using Eclipse as IDE to develop the code, basically what I did is to add the SVGCanvas to a JScrollPane, and JScrollPane added to a JInternalFrame, when I apply zoom to svg canvas (such as zoom in or zoom out), everything works perfectly under Eclipse, both debug mode and run mode. But when I build the released jar and run it under JDK directly, when I zoom in or zoom out the svg canvas, the image is displayed on svg canvas at the wrong position, the shifting position seems related to the zoom factor, if I do zoom in, the image becomes bigger which is right, but it moved towards upper left direction , if zoom out, the image becomes smaller which is right too, but it moved towards lower right direction.
I checked both Eclipse and my default JDK version is 1.4.1_04, even I tried 1.4.2_04, the problem still there when I run released jar file under JDK directly.
Is there anybody seeing the similar problem? Any ideas about what could cause this?
Thanks in advance for your help.