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From "Markus Kuehni" <markus.kue...@trilab.ch>
Subject ECMAScript based loading of new document
Date Fri, 07 May 2004 07:56:30 GMT

First I need to tell the developers of batik/squiggle: great work! great


I'm currently developing a touchscreen time recording system using pure SVG
plus ECMAScript on the client. 

Batik not only is the fastest SVG renderer (compared to Corel 2.1, Adobe
3&6) but it also seems to be (touch wood) the most stable. Corel crashes
after following maybe a fifty or so links from document to document. Adobe
crashes, if a link is klicked before the document is fully rendered. 


Now to my problem: 

I need to be able to go to another document based on an URL scripted in

1) inputing text with a virtual (touchscreen) keyboard and then submitting
the text to a follow-up page as an URL-Parameter

2) go to an idle page when nothing has happened for a specific time

3) refresh a document after some time 

I have read about window.setSrc() so far and sadly it's not supported by
Batik. svgDocument.URL cannot be set and svgDocument.location.href does not

For 1) I have found a solution by scripting the xlink:href of the virtual
keyboard return key but that's not flexible and not compatible with Corel. 

Thanks for all tips,

Squiggle 1.5.1
Windows XP/Java 1.4.2_03-b02
Linux Mandrake 9.2/Java 1.4.2

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