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From "Ruth, Brice" <br...@fiskars.com>
Subject Re: Open-Type fonts with Batik?
Date Tue, 04 May 2004 14:21:13 GMT
Many thanks! I've also taken the approach now of converting the OpenType 
fonts to TrueType fonts, using FontLab - which unfortunately cost a bit 
of money, but the results are quite good.

Also, with this conversion, I am able to take an OpenType font such as 
'HelveticaLTStd-Bold' and have FontLab create a TrueType font of the 
same name, and Batik is able to properly use the font, without resorting 
to 'font-weight="bold"'

It would be so nice if Illustrator, or a tool that could read 
Illustrator files, could embed the fonts as actual SVG fonts - or - 
Batik could read CEF fonts, as the open-source freetype library 
apparently can.

Brice Ruth

ananth balasubramanyam wrote:

>I had a similar issue and this is how is solved it :
>1. I used a tool called pfaedit (now called fontforge). Try this in google
>and you might find it.
>2. I then converted all my licensed opent type/ postscript fonts from
>adobe into true type fonts using pfaedit. If you have a folder full of
>postscript fonts then you can use this script to convert all into truetype
>file = $firstfont
>while ( file != "" )
>   Open(file)
>   Generate($fontname + ".ttf")
>   file = $nextfont
>3. place all the true type fonts into your /jre/lib/fonts/
>4. batik will now be able to use these fonts.
>PS : regarding the bold, italic issues, adobe ILL specifies something like
>font-family="Aachen-Bold", but batik can only see if it is
>font-family="Aachen" font-weight="bold".
>Hope this helps !
>On Mon, 3 May 2004, Ruth, Brice wrote:
>>I've been doing some googling and found that supposedly, JDK 1.4
>>supports OpenType fonts. I have an SVG file with CEF fonts exported from
>>Ilustrator CS (the most recent version of Illustrator) and I'm
>>desperately trying to figure out how to get Batik to render the fonts
>>properly, without success so far. My understanding is that the CEF fonts
>>are merely a wrapper of the original font, which in my case is an
>>OpenType font (actually, a few). Now, they're all pretty basic fonts at
>>this point - nothing extravagant, mainly variations of Helvetica, if I'm
>>not mistaken. I've taken the OTF files and placed them in my JDK's
>>jre/lib/fonts directory - and this has had no noticeable effect on how
>>batik works, the fonts still don't appear to render correctly (bold,
>>light, etc.). I'm not sure if the fonts are being picked up because the
>>JDK isn't able to understand the OTF files, or if the fonts need to be
>>referenced differently than they are, in the Illustrator generated SVG.
>>If I could figure out a way of converting the OTF file to a True Type
>>font, I'd be happy to use Batik's ttf2svg converter, but I've found
>>nothing of the sort available (short of FontLab, which runs about
>>Has anyone else struggled with this? I really need to be able to
>>accurately render files created in Illustrator CS, somehow, someway.
>>Any advice is appreciated!
>>Brice D. Ruth
>>Sr. IT Analyst
>>Fiskars Brands, Inc.
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