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From a...@drexel.edu
Subject Zooming and also SVGCanvas.SetSize()
Date Tue, 18 May 2004 03:48:39 GMT
Hey i would like the Zooming right click feature which u have in Adobe SVG viewer. Is this
a simple ZoOm option equal to true in Batik or i need something more complex?

Also Something which has been the Bane of my existance so far.

My frame is 800 by 600. 

my SVG is    
   viewBox="-50 -25 1025 1325" //this will cover all the area i want to show
   preserveAspectRatio="xMidYMid meet"

Now i would rather have the svg to be 1024 by 800, (i have the SVGcanvas in a scroll pane
now) but it seems like the viewbox has to stay the same as thats what i want the viewer to
see in the whole canvas. so i should set the width and height i guess? no, cause this will
make my frame expand to fit that SVG's size. I would like for the frame to keep the 800 x
600 but the canvas should be bigger (fit into that area but be scrollable). i tried settting
the SVGcanvases SetSize() or the Panel. or giving it different Layouts. All seems to not work.
Any suggestions?

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