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From Tisserand Romuald <romuald.tisser...@siemens.com>
Subject Problem with JSVGComponent.setSize
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 15:04:09 GMT
Hi all,
I'm totally newbie to Batik and I've got a little problem.

I'm developping a graphic application that uses batik to render SVG graphics.

I'm using the JSVGComponent and I've put it into a Panel. I'm calling setLocation to set its
location and setSize.
When I set the JSVGComponent size to its parent (the panel) size, there's no problem, everything
is fine.
But if I try to set a size less than its parent, the graphic elements are well resized to
fit the new size, but they are moved.

I don't know if the move is due to a transform (my file doesn't contain any transform) or
another thing.

I joined a little screeshot of the problem. Normally the red start must be fully displayed
within the pink square.

Thanks for your help. <<svg.jpg>> 

> Romu

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