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From Kovács Lajos <Kovacs.La...@evosoft.hu>
Subject multiple view of the same DOM
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2004 08:56:30 GMT


 I need to display the same SVG file on multiple displays with
interactions on it.
 Displaying was not a big deal, all the displays see the same 
document, and even on every display I can modify the DOM 
(ex. click on an elem => change the color of it) but only the 
last display refresh the canvas. Have somebody ideea why?

 Have somebody experience with this kind of setup?

 When the first screen finished the rendering and the Document
is available, I made a new canvas and with the setDocument()
I set the first one. Then I register action listeners for every
"clickable" object. This repeats for every display.

 When clicked an elem, the event listeners catch the event, and
made the modification of the DOM in the update queue of that 
canvas. So event listeners for every display try to set the 
color of the element. 
  Probably this is the problem, that only the first (that is 
registered later == last display) set the Document with a real 
change. The other listeners set the color, but this is not a 
change anymore. That's why not got an update. This problem 
I try to trick out, by modifying three times, but without 
success. An update wasn't made. 

 Could be this the problem? If yes, have anybody a solution?

 Best Regards,



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