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From Arek Stryjski <develo...@krzyzowki.net.pl>
Subject Re: SVG into Java Image
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 16:10:00 GMT
Cytowanie Andres Toussaint <andres@onemileup.com>:

> My suggestion is to read the Java Graphics 2D information you need from 
> the GVT tree.
> ...
>                      // Walk through the tree to locate and extract the 
> ...

Thank you for your help. Code you post work perfectly in situation I describe
last time (then user clicks on Canvas). Then I call:

GVTTreeWalker tw = new GVTTreeWalker(e.getGVTRoot());
GraphicsNode root = tw.firstChild();
GraphicsNode node = root.nodeHitAt(point);

But that in situation if I don't know position of elements on the canvas. Is it
possible to easy found SVG element with some id on GVTTree? 

Best regards

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