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From Venkat S Kota <vsrk...@netscape.net>
Subject Re: problem with JPEGTranscoder
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2004 07:23:24 GMT
Hi Cameron

thanks for the reply. I am using Batik 1.5.1


cam-batik-users@aka.mcc.id.au wrote:

>Hi Venkat.
>Venkat S Kota:
>>The transcode() method invocation always results in throwing Exception 
>>that some of the mandatory attributes are required ( Eg: The attribute 
>>"r" of the element <circle> is required ). By printing the DOMs, It 
>>appears that the attribute values in the original DOM are not copied in 
>>the deepCloneDocument() method. All elements and the corresponding 
>>attributes in the original document are present but the attributes do 
>>not have any values.
>What version of Batik are you using?  The problem of attributes not
>being cloned was fixed quite a while ago.  Version 1.5 should not have
>this problem.

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