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From "Beton, Richard" <richard.be...@roke.co.uk>
Subject Re: Using the CSSEngine - determining the origin of styles
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 16:04:19 GMT
Thomas DeWeese wrote:

>    Your code looks a little odd to me (in that I don't really
> understand what you are trying to do).  But basically seems
> sound.  It really seems to me that you must have one of the
> stylesheets active otherwise I can't imagine where you would
> get things like your values for stroke-opacity, and stroke-width
> (or even the value you have for fill).  These aren't even
> remotely associated with the defaults for these attributes.
>    I would look at the Origin of each of these to see where
> they are coming from.  You might also consider instrumenting
> the Batik source to see who is setting what.

Hi Thomas,
Thanks for your reply.

When I initialise the CSS engine, I set the user agent stylesheet and 
the user stylesheet to null: is this the wrong thing to do? (this seems 
to be what you are suggesting, IIUC).  I have a wrapper object that is 
associated with the document and also with the CSS engine and its 
initualisation code includes:

        this.document.setCSSEngine( this.cssEngine );
        this.cssEngine.setMedia( MEDIA_SCREEN );
        this.cssEngine.setUserAgentStyleSheet( null );
        this.cssEngine.setUserStyleSheet( null );

Should I instead be creating a user agent stylesheet and populating it 
with the sixty(-ish)  default property values?



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