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From "Beton, Richard" <richard.be...@roke.co.uk>
Subject Attributes and Namespaces with Batik's DOM implementation.
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2004 14:49:40 GMT
If I have a <desc> element, I should be able to set and get the 
xml:space attribute using

    String space = desc.getAttributeNS( XMLConstants.XML_NAMESPACE_URI, 
"space" );
    desc.setAttributeNS( XMLConstants.XML_NAMESPACE_URI, "space", 
"preserve" );

However, I'm getting some unexpected behaviour when I write my document 
to a file and read it back in.  Having set the xml:space attribute as 
above, the SVG document contains
    <desc space="preserve">blah</desc>
This is incorrect: the "xml:" namespace prefix is missing from the space 

If instead I use the following incorrect code:
    desc.setAttributeNS( null, "xml:space", "preserve" );
then the output file is written correctly.

This odd behaviour seems to happen only with some namespaced-attributes, 
not all.  The two I've noticed are xml:space and xlink:href, and these 
show problems only intermittently.  Is this a bug in Batik's DOM?  (I'm 
using v1.5.1.)  Or have I omitted something?

I noticed there has been a related bug filed;


Here's a more complete exceprt of my test code

    public void addContent ()
        SVGOMDocument document = (SVGOMDocument) getDocument();
        Element svg = document.getDocumentElement();
        SVGDOMImplementation impl = (SVGDOMImplementation)
        Element defs = impl.createElementNS( document,
SVGConstants.SVG_DEFS_TAG );
        defs.setAttributeNS( null, "id", "defs1" );
        svg.appendChild( defs );

        Element desc = impl.createElementNS( document,
SVGConstants.SVG_DESC_TAG );
        GenericText t1 = new GenericText( "two line\ndescription", 
document );
        desc.appendChild( t1 );
        desc.setAttributeNS( null, "id", "desc1" );
        desc.setAttributeNS( XMLConstants.XML_NAMESPACE_URI, "space", 
"preserve" );
        svg.appendChild( desc );

        Element a = impl.createElementNS( document,
SVGConstants.SVG_A_TAG );
        GenericText t2 = new GenericText( "hello", document );
        a.appendChild( t2 );
        a.setAttribute( "id", "a1" );
        a.setAttributeNS( XMLConstants.XLINK_NAMESPACE_URI, "href", 
"nowhere" );
        a.setAttributeNS( XMLConstants.XLINK_NAMESPACE_URI, "type", 
"simple" );
        svg.appendChild( a );


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