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From Ralf Siegel <r...@audiofarm.de>
Subject Re: Batik's Font-Rendering Engine
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2004 21:00:42 GMT
Hi Thomas,

>   This is software, anything is "possible", but in this case I think
>it would be extremely challenging.  First it would involve a lot of
>JNI (Java Native Interface) since those all sound like traditional 'C'
>libraries.  Second you would have to significantly rework the current
>gvt.font package to be more dynamic in choosing implementations.

Mhm, that's probably out of scope.

I'll be delegating further investigations to a co-worker.

>I also suspect that there might be some
>issues around resolution dependent layout (right now we essentially
>don't account for the fact that the bounds of rendered text may
>change when the user to device transform changes).

Could you please elaborate on the last point? You opened Pandora's Box ;o)

>   It would be interesting work as currently Batik's font rendering
>is not nearly as good as I would like to see, but this would not be
>a very 'clean' solution - since it would involve native code.

Basically, what I'm trying to accomplish is to get the same font-rendering 
results with ASV, Photoshop, AI et al (all use CoolType) and Batik. So, 
concurrently I was looking for hints in order to swap Adobe's CoolType 
against other font-rendering systems. However, CoolType doesn't seem to 
have a published and documented interface.

>   Not to my knowledge.  I'm a little surprised you didn't mention
>FreeType, as at least that is Open Source.

Nice. I'm pretty new to the font-rendering society :o)

ralf ...

Ralf Siegel - Freelance Developer
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