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From thomas.dewe...@kodak.com
Subject Re: updating TransformHistory problem
Date Thu, 04 May 2006 10:30:31 GMT
Hi Selva,

news <news@sea.gmane.org> wrote on 05/04/2006 06:19:58 AM:

> Sorry for the mistake i have done in earlier mail thomas. Actually i 
> both 'undo/redo' cases. 
> 1. want 'undo/redo' moves of your group with lines? 

    This requires a totally separate system to track this.  You
will need to track this yourself.  Probably recording the original
group transform on mouse down (or what ever starts the move

> 2. want 'undo/redo' moves of the canvas (whole canvas pan)? 

    This should work fine with the code below.  However you will
need to come up with your own system for managing the group moves
and canvas moves together so they are undone and redone in the
correct order.

> To achieve this, i have added GVTTreeRendererListener for my SVGCanvas. 
> doing zoom in,zoom out and moving group elements , it's not executing 
> RenderingTransform's gvtRenderingCompleted(). Why it's not executing 
> RenderingCompleted even GVTTreeRendererListener added??

    This works fine for me, so without a stand-alone example that shows 
problem I can't help you.

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