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From Robert Lummert <rob...@lummert.net>
Subject Re: doesn't recognize javascript
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2007 20:43:08 GMT
Hello Kevin,

for such things there is a way of registering an ecmascript-function as
associated to a java-method via the BridgeContext. From this java-method
you have to find a way out of the applet to your
html/browser-context(here I do not know much about, that's at all not
The BridgeContext you get from your SvgCanvas with
  BridgeContext bc = svgCanvas.getUpdateManager().getBridgeContext();
That is how far I can help you, sorry!


KevinJC wrote:
> OK, I am making a little head way, or at least I am starting to see what my
> real problem is.  When the user clicks on a SVG object (circle, rectangle),
> I call a script that resides in the svg file and the script changes the fill
> color.  That works great.  No problem.  However, the next step I want to do
> is based on what SVG object was clicked, I want to do something with the
> html.  For instance say you clicked on SVG object "Rect1", I would then want
> to display a web page in an IFrame that is part of the HTML page.  Say you
> clicked on "Rect2" I want to display a different web page in the same
> IFrame.  Say you clicked on "Rect3" I want to display a web page in a popup
> window and so on and so on.  So the question is when a user clicks on a SVG
> object is there a way to pass parameters (unique for each object) to a
> JavaScript that is included in the HTML file?  If so how?

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