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From "HODAC, Olivier" <OLIVIER.HO...@airbus.com>
Subject RE: appending a child element in a document
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 12:25:25 GMT
I found a solution to make this work with your information

I want to underline that the valuable/quick support/advice of this mail list I would have
dropped the batik solution. And it certainly would have been a big mistake!




I add a rendering listener 

            addGVTTreeRendererListener(new GVTTreeRendererAdapter() {

                  public void gvtRenderingCompleted(GVTTreeRendererEvent arg0) {





And my SvgRepaintEngine does this:

      public void push(final UpdateTask todo) {

            <...wait canvas initialized (by GVTTreeBuildComplete)...>

            if (useUpdateQueue) {

                  canvas.getUpdateManager().getUpdateRunnableQueue().invokeLater(new Runnable()

                        public void run() {

                             todo.doit(canvas.getSVGDocument()); //modifies the document



            } else {

                  todo.doit(canvas.getSVGDocument()); //directly modifies the document


            <...calls the remote clients...>




      public void renderingComplete() {

            useUpdateQueue = true;




It seems to work. Like you said, I will merge the UpdateTasks to make bundles and modify coherent
parts in 1 runnable


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Objet : Re: appending a child element in a document


Hi Dao, 

dao <dao.hodac@gmail.com> wrote on 01/11/2010 05:45:08 PM:

> I put my batik canvas in a panel, that I put in a frame. 
> I have 2 modes. the frame is visible or not (because it is a server 
> which can display locally or remotely. In this last case, I don't 
> want to draw the frame) 
> at the beginning of the process (ie after the treebuild complete) I 
> want to append a child to a node of the document. 
> If I have a local frame (setVisible(true)), I do this and it works 
> fine: the element 
> getMaskLayer().appendChild(mask); 
>         canvas.getUpdateManager().getUpdateRunnableQueue().invokeLater(new
> Runnable() { 
> public void run() { 
> mask.setAttribute("style", "display:none"); 
> } 
> });; 
> but when I put if I run the program with frame.setVisible(false), 
> and I dump the document, I do not have the style attribute set. 
> So, why the setVisible influences the behavior? 

   Because the UpdateManager is only started after the first rendering 
of the SVG document completes.  If the canvas isn't visible there isn't 
a first rendering. 

> FYI 
> Then, I decided to do this: 
>         canvas.getUpdateManager().getUpdateRunnableQueue().invokeLater(new
>  Runnable() { 
> public void run() { 
>                 getMaskLayer().appendChild(mask); 
> mask.setAttribute("style", "display:none"); 
> } 
> });; 
> In this case, the element is not appended. I dump the document doing
> this several seconds after the call is performed 

    Right because the UpdateManager isn't started until after the 
document is rendered for the first time.   The question is what 
should you do?  The answer is I don't know, I think it's exactly 
right that a non-visible SVG Canvas doesn't do anything. 

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