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From dao <dao.ho...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: My canvas does not display some changes
Date Sat, 16 Jan 2010 12:03:08 GMT

I have reduced the problem. here are the 3 java files to use with batik 1.7.

Here is the way to reproduce the problem:

Put the 3 files in the default package.
Add batik 1.7 to the classpath
put the testBatik.svg file in the folder you run java

run the testBatik class without any arguments

when running, each 2 secs, the visibility of the element is set to
true/false. Each time, a file visible.svg or hidden.svg are dumped in the
folder. You can open them in squiggle and see that it is OK for squiggle but
not for my application.

I am very interested in knowing if it is a mistake from me or if I am
sitting on a bug.

2010/1/16 Helder Magalhães <helder.magalhaes@gmail.com>

> Hi Dao,
> > Sorry about the confusion. It is not a mask in SVG terms. The mask for me
> is
> > just a business term.
> Oops... ;-)
> > Technically, it is just an element, like an other which is in a <g>
> appended
> > before the first rendering. It is appended directly to the SVG root
> element
> Yeah, when Thomas recalled about the referenced content (mask, in this
> case) not being updated live it seemed like the best hint. If you
> state it's just a usual element and that it's already in the document
> tree when the first rendering is done, then it's weird... :-|
> Can you create and attach a reduced test case which reproduces this
> symptom? (Apparently it would need to be Java application code, as
> you've stated that it opens in Squiggle as expected -- else I'd
> suggest only attaching the SVG source.) Although probably not part of
> the cause, please state your environment as well (Java version, OS,
> Batik version or revision, ...).
> Cheers,
>  Helder
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Dao Hodac

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