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From Helder Magalhães <helder.magalh...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Text and lines not rendering
Date Sat, 02 Jan 2010 14:00:15 GMT
Hi Matthew,

Response inline...

> Thanks for the swift response. This has sorted out both issues.

Great! :-)

> I am amazed, however, that Inkscape, Firefox and Safari all ignored
> the typo in the CSS declaration!

Batik generally is a bit strict regarding error processing [1]. In
this case, I've quickly created a test case to understand what was
happening: apparently, the issue was due to the CSS parsing being
aborted (due to the invalid content) before reaching the
stroke-related declarations. I'm not sure if the CSS parsing abort
behavior is conformant but, if I recall correctly, Batik doesn't
implement "The document shall be rendered up to, but not including,
the first element which has an error" [1].

I'm attaching the test case for posterity... ;-)  In my tests, Batik
(Squiggle) 1.8pre and Inkscape (Inkview) 0.47 don't display the middle
red line; Firefox 3.5, IE 8 + ASV 6pre and Chrome 4.0dev seem to
ignore the invalid declaration and display the line. I'm not arguing
who's right here. :-)

As for Firefox/Chrome/ASV, the CSS parser is probably very tolerant
given it's a Web browser/plug-in (and the Web has plenty of invalid
content). I really don't know Inkscape regarding error handling.


[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG/implnote.html#ErrorProcessing

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