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From thomas.dewe...@kodak.com
Subject Re: contribution advice?
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2010 14:15:14 GMT
Hi Jonathan,

jonathan wood <jonathanshawwood@gmail.com> wrote on 12/31/2009 05:28:15 

>     Perhaps someone familiar with the current state of batik's bug 
> list (Helder???) could point me toward some validated, higher priority 
> bugs so that I might attempt to resolve?

   I'm not sure there are a lot of high priority bugs.  I'll list a few
things that have been on my TODO list (for a few years now ;).

1) Pipe all element "lookups" through an object associated with the 
   BridgeContext.  This would be to serve two purposes.  First it
   would more easily enable people to 'replace' Batik's lookup/fetch
   logic (replacing/augmenting ParsedURL only goes so far).  Second
   if paired with 'unlookup' calls it would enable Batik to detect
   complex reference loops in content (an element that references a
   pattern that uses the element).

2) Make everything use ParsedURL for references.  Currently there
   are still a few places where we don't use ParsedURL (I think
   mostly in CSS) this mostly means that you can't use base64 
   encoded URLS in these places.

3) Add dynamic updates for referenced content. Currently in many
   cases if a referenced element changes Batik doesn't notice.  I
   think this is true for patterns, filters, masks, etc.  I did an
   example of dependency tracking for gradients (which may not have
   landed on trunk) at some point it would be nice if this was extended 
   to other areas.

4) Implement ElementInstance for Use elements.  Currently we create a
   shadow tree to support the use element, which is not conformant to
   the SVG specification.  It would be better if we created 
   that could carry the CSS cascade information and then use a reference
   to the actual element for DOM attributes.  This would require updating
   all of the Bridges to know/handle the ElementInstance case but I think
   the changes (while widespread) could be fairly simple.

   These are just suggestions, let me know if these are the sorts of
suggestions you are looking for, or if your interested lie in other areas.

>   My Apache ICLA has been submitted and I do understand that I will 
> be limited to submitting patches that may or may not be applied by 
> an individual with commit access.
>   Thanks,
>     jonathan

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