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From thomas.dewe...@kodak.com
Subject Re: Pan and Zooms being clipped.
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2010 11:23:46 GMT
Hi Jacob,

Jacob Christophersen <jacob.christophersen@gmail.com> wrote on 04/06/2010 
06:54:55 AM:

> I need to implement a pan/zoom style similar to google maps.
> I'm struggling with the issue that when ever I try to pan or zoom 
> out, the parts of the SVG that were not visible before the 
> interactor started, are not shown again until I release the mouse.

   Correct, there is no simple way to avoid this.  In order to have
good performance the interactors simply scale/translate/rotate the
previous offscreen buffer.  For most SVG documents the time to render
them from scratch is far too long to update the screen smoothly during
pan/zoom operations.

   Ideally in the background we would be updating as best we could
and refreshing the offscreen image as we are able, but doing that
is really quite complex, and you can quickly end up just thrashing
the processor.

> I've done a bit of searching around, and the consensus seems to be 
> to set the overflow property of the SVG root element to visible, but
> that doesn't seem to have changed anything.

    The overflow is needed if you are panning to areas that used to
be outside of the viewBox.  In this case you are still within the 
viewBox, but we just don't have a rendered version of the areas.

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