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From Christian Bockermann <christian.bockerm...@udo.edu>
Subject Re: Problem including user-css
Date Fri, 16 Jul 2010 14:27:30 GMT
Hi Julien,

thanks, your proposal works fine. 
(I'd rather keep only the highlighting-stuff in a separate file, though).

So to clearify this:

   Does a <style>...</style> section within an SVG document always overwrite
   all style-settings from an external css?

A country in the worldmap.svg is an element

    <g class="land fr" id="fr">....</g>

Now, "land" is defined in <style>...</style> within the svg. The external CSS
file provides the definition

      .fr {   fill: red;  }

When transforming this, I wouldn't have expected to have the "land" overwrite
all settings from the external ".fr" definition.

   To me this looks like:

       (1) Apply all css from external files (i.e.:  .fr {...} )
       (2) Apply all locally-defined css (i.e.:  <style>...</style> )

Thus, if "land" locally has a "fill", then this "fill" will overwrite an externally
included "fill" even though the order in the class attribute is "land fr".

Is this correct?

(Just trying to extend my understanding of css :-))

Thanks to everyone for the replies!


Am 16.07.2010 um 16:09 schrieb Julien Beghin:

> Hi Christian,
> I just tryied to figuer out about your problem
> First : I moved the style attribute content's from your SVG to the french css.
> (I then removed the empty) tag <style> from the SVG.
> Now, the command line produce an highligthed map as a png...
> Can you have a try ? 
> (Using batik 1.8pre on XP)
> Hope it helps....
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