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From Benjamin Diedrichsen <b.diedrich...@googlemail.com>
Subject SVG 1.2 support and PDF generation
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2011 16:39:35 GMT
Hi all,

this is a follow up on thread
I did not get the reply to the post so, I could not answer directly to it.
Two questions regarding this: 1. Can I subscribe only to the threads I
started? 2. What is a digest supscription? Could not find any clear info on

Well, to the topic: I put the <flowPara> element in a <flowDiv> element but
the results remain the same. I read something about a proprietary
implementation of text flowing in batik. Would that be a choice? I am
currently a little confused by the state of the SVG 1.2 specs. The threads I
find that regard problems with text flowing using flowRegions, flowRoot and
so forth are a little outdated (2005,2006) so I think they don't reflect the
currrent implementation status. But still, the draft from 2005 stays draft.
Also the SVG 1.2. support in the common browser seems to vary and especially
firefox has problems with the flowRegions. Can anybody comment on the status
quo of this whole SVG 1.2 adventure or point me to some good resources? And
I would really appreciate a little and working sample of an svg that
contains flowRoot and such elements and actually transforms correctly with
the current batik development trunk.

So long and sorry for cross-posting to both lists, won't happen again


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