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From Helder Magalhães <helder.magalh...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: batik osgi bundles
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 10:49:13 GMT
> Dear Helder,

Hi Martina,

> Thanks for your reply.
> We are using the batik library which is downloadable form the download page.
> So I downloaded the binary distribution for JRE 1.4+ and there we are using
> all the jar files in the lib folder (batik-anim.jar,
> batik-awt-util.jar,...).
> I want to use these as OSGi bundles in my application.

OK, I took a quick look at what's involved and it seems all that it's
necessary is appending metadata to the manifest [1].

> I could easily make them into bundles myself, [...]

Great, that means you already have the knowledge. Could you please
file a bug [2] so that we can try to address this in the shipped jars
for the next release? If possible attaching a patch and/or which
proposed metadata you had in mind. Thanks.

> but I am not completely sure
> about the dependencies between the separate jar files. So I was wondering if
> you 1) have already a OSGi bundle version of these libraries? or (2) can
> help me with figuring out the dependencies between them.

1) No. Recently, bmargulies has helped adding Batik to maven, but
apparently it was compiled with JDK 1.6 [3].
2) Maybe. Batik provides a dependency graph [4], although it's a bit outdated.

> Thanks,
> Martina

 Hope this helps,

[1] http://blog.springsource.com/2008/02/18/creating-osgi-bundles/
[2] https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/buglist.cgi?query_format=specific&bug_status=__open__&product=Batik
[3] https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=51263
[4] http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/batik/install.html#dependencyGraph

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