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From Henryk Hecht ...@hhecht.e4ward.com>
Subject Re: Empty batik.jar and version identification
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2011 00:57:41 GMT
> quick question at first: To subscribe I sent a mail with the subject and 
> content "subscribe" to the subscription mail adress. Was that the right 
> way? I did not recieve an verification email and my last registration to 
> an mailing list is long time ago. ^^

I suspect it already had you registered, and decided to do nothing, but I 
do not know for sure.

> When I down load the current verions batik.zip file the batik.jar file 
> is empty! There are no packages and no classes included in the 
> batik.jar!

There was a reorgnization of the jarfiles some time ago (at 1.6 or 1.7?). 
Most stuff moved to lib/batik-*.

> - Why there are no classes included in the current version of batik.jar? 
> Is it an mistake / error or did I miss some important documentation or 
> change in the API?

See above.

> - How / Where can I download a up-to-date and working batik.jar?

If you include the "empty" batik.jar, and all of its referents, it will 
probably work, modulo the usual classloader nonsense.  It seems not much 
changed between 1.6 and 1.7 that anything else depended on-at least that 
has been my experience.  You could also unzip all the other jars, and glue 
them back together, of course (assuming they are disjoint).

> - Maybe it would help to identify the version of the old batik.jar. How 
> do I do this?

org.apache.batik.Version should have the version, which you can query 
programmatically (.getVersion()), or with your favorite hex editor or 
disassembler: whichever you think is faster.


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