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From Dennis Hendriks <D.Hendr...@tue.nl>
Subject Drawing outline of an element affected by completely unrelated SVG elements
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2011 07:57:31 GMT
Hi all,

while trying to draw the outline of an SVG element over the actual SVG 
image, I ran into some trouble. The outline is sometimes drawn with a thick 
border, if completely unrelated SVG elements are add to the SVG document.

To demonstrate this, I created a very simple example (see attachment). It
  - my Eclipse project with the small test example, most notably:
  - /src/BatikTestFrame.java (run this in the /test/ dir to test it)
  - /test/test1.svg (first example SVG file, without the added elements)
  - /test/test2.svg (second example SVG file, with the added elements)
  - /test/tests.svg.diff (output from: diff -u test1.svg test2.svg)
  - /test/batik_test.launch (Eclipse launch file that I used to test it)
  - /test/test_output.png (the window that the example displays)

What happens is that I draw both test1.svg (left) and test2.svg (right) two 
times (vertically). On them, I draw the outline of the SVG element with id 
"building". The top one is drawn normally, while the bottom one is drawn 
with a BasicStroke of width 1.0 (see the line in the .java source file 
marked with "//HACK").

As you can see in test_output.svg, the one with added SVG elements 
(test2.svg, on the right), where the stroke is not modified (on the top), 
has a thick border. Also note that the modifications in test2.svg (relative 
to test1.svg, see tests.svg.diff) should not affect the "building" SVG 
element's outline...

The stroke hack acts as a temporary workaround for this issue.

I use the batik version included in Eclipse Modeling Helios SR2, which is 
Batik 1.6.0, judging from the /src/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF (see attachment) file.

So, finally, my question: Is this expected behavior, and if so, what causes 
the thick border? Or is it perhaps a bug?

Best regards,

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