I have setup my own batik server on a Windows 2003.


I used to generate a form post with CFHTTP to the service, which would return a PNG file which I could write to a file on my server. In this way I could create an image of a SVG file and use it in a PDF report.

The same day, last Friday the 12th of August, it just stopped working. It seems that it can’t generate a file in the temp folder.


I have looked into the log, and I see this error message:

[15-Aug-2011 12:06:08] PHP Warning:  shell_exec() [<a href='function.shell-exec'>function.shell-exec</a>]: Unable to execute 'java -jar batik-1.7/batik-rasterizer.jar -m image/png -d temp/273f5064dc00c682c73b05f36d00f2a1.png -w 800 temp/273f5064dc00c682c73b05f36d00f2a1.svg' in D:\inetpub\webhost\5836\www_export\index.php on line 70

[15-Aug-2011 12:06:08] PHP Warning:  unlink(temp/273f5064dc00c682c73b05f36d00f2a1.png) [<a href='function.unlink'>function.unlink</a>]: No such file or directory in D:\inetpub\webhost\5836\www_export\index.php on line 87


I have set all permissions to max for the whole website, so it should have write rights.

Also, when I post to export.highcharts.com, the Highcharts server, it works fine. So the SVG (which is generated by Highcharts) seems to be valid.


I have attached the error log, and you see that on the 12th it was working and the around 15:28 It started failing. Is Java causing problems maybe?


I hope you can give me a push in the right direction.


Mattijs Spierings



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