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From Steve Cameron <Steve.Came...@aad.gov.au>
Subject svg charting app [Sec=Unclassified]
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2011 05:28:37 GMT

I have inherited a Java application that uses batik to create XY scatter charts. There are
some things that
I'd like to improve and I am thinking of swapping it over to make use of JFreeCharts, which
provides what I want pretty easily.

However, I am interested in SVG in general and am wondering if there are others who have implemented
a chart library/tool based on batik?

I'd like to add zooming capability, which of course SVG provides but for charts there is the
need to maintain the x and y axes in view at the same time as you zoom in on the data. I'm
sure this  can be done by applying separate transforms to the data region and separate x and
y axis regions, but that functionality is already available in JFreeCharts.

Another issue is displaying a large number of points dynamically (I swap the data set), is
there a way to speed this up in dynamic SVG by preventing the screen from repainting until
all old points have been removed and new ones added (or is this a foreign concept in SVG)?

I suspect that most Java based 2d charts use the java.awt.Graphics2D class for the User Interface
for performance reasons and render to SVG using batik as an option. I'm wondering about the
pro's and con's of this approach, versus doing it all in SVG?

On advantage I can think of is that you could maintain a common set of code for a web-based
and a Java-based interactive charts library.

I hope that someone can point me in the right direction.


Stephen Cameron
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