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From Maciej DybaƂ <maciej.dy...@comarch.com>
Subject Displaying elements with gradients in on-the-fly build SVGDocument
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 12:12:37 GMT

As this it my first post to this mailing list I would like to welcome 

I have a problem with properly displaying a SVGDocument (build 
on-the-fly) in JSVGCanvas and I would really appreciate some guidance.

I use Java 1.6 on Windows XP. In my app I store SVGConfiguration as a 
CLOB in database. In the runtime I get the String from database, create 
a SVGDocument and display it on JSVGCanvas. This works fine until I have 
some gradients defined in <defs> node. In this case no exception is 
thrown but the elements using gradients are not drawn at all.

I tried to find some soultion on the web and in the mailing-list archive 
but came out empty-handed. Setting a xml:base with following code did 
not help:

     URL baseURL = new URL(new java.io.File("").toURL().toExternalForm());
     String url = baseURL.toString();

Neither did adding this URL to <defs> subnodes.

The SVG file I use is attached to this mail (hope attachments are allowed)

Best regards,

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