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From m.@mherrn.de
Subject Re: "high-level" way to create SVG Elements of specific type?
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2012 12:12:09 GMT
Hi Thomas,

>> final Element element= document.createElement("rect");
> 	This creates a 'rect' element in the no name namespace.
> I think you want to use createElementNS with the SVG Namespace.
> If you are using a Batik SVGDocument then this will return an
> SVGRectElement.

Yes, actually I am doing it that way and just ommited it from my example.
I didn't know that batik actually creates an SVGRectElement out of it.
So it is enough to just cast the created element to the relevant
interface? e.g.:

final SVGRectElement rect= (SVGRectElement) document.createElementNS(ns,

But that gives me an SVGRectElement that has the getters for the specific
attributes. Is there a way to get a class that provides the setters as in
my second (hypothetical) example?:

final SVGRect rectElement= ..... //create the element

> Make sure you read about booting the CSS and
> SVG DOM on the Wiki, otherwise some of the more advanced SVG
> methods won't work (also the element needs to be part of the SVG
> tree for some of those methods to work).

I will have a look at the wiki again. Quite possible that I have
overlooked some important info there.

Thanks and regards

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