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From "Jonathan Dagresta" <jdagre...@sdl.com>
Subject Text in SVG image "blows up" when using -dpi 600 with rasterizer
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2012 04:56:14 GMT
One of our customers is complaining that when the use the rasterizer with
-dpi 600 to create 600 DPI jpeg files from SVG's, with some SVG files the
text of the image "blows up" to a very large size compared to the default 96
DPI result and compared to the other drawn parts of the image.


Attached are two SVG files, image1.svg which does not manifest this problem
and image2.svg which does show this problem.


Attached are four JPG files (commands below used to create them):


image1-096dpi.jpg (image1.svg converted to default 96 DPI JPEG)

image1-600dpi.jpg (image1.svg converted to 600 DPI JPEG - text in image does
not "blow up")

image2-096dpi.jpg (image2.svg converted to default 96 DPI JPEG)

image2-600dpi.jpg (image2.svg converted to 600 DPI JPEG - text in image
clearly does "blow up" to relatively large size)



JAVA 1.5


java -mx128m -jar batik-1.7/batik-rasterizer.jar -m image/jpeg -q .99
-d image1-096dpi.jpg image1.svg

java -mx128m -jar batik-1.7/batik-rasterizer.jar -m image/jpeg -q .99 -dpi
600         -d image1-600dpi.jpg image1.svg

java -mx128m -jar batik-1.7/batik-rasterizer.jar -m image/jpeg -q .99
-d image2-096dpi.jpg image2.svg

java -mx128m -jar batik-1.7/batik-rasterizer.jar -m image/jpeg -q .99 -dpi
600         -d image2-600dpi.jpg image2.svg


What seems a significant difference in image2.svg is that most of the text
elements do not specify font-size, while all of the text elements in
image1.svg do specify the font-size value.


So the question we have: Is the 600 DPI result of image2.svg => JPEG where
the relative size of the text in the image "blows up" an expected result due
to the text elements not specifying the font-size value, or is this a bug in
the rasterizer?


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