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From Joel Uckelman <uckel...@nomic.net>
Subject Re: SVG which renders in 1.7 fails in 1.8pre
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 09:43:03 GMT
Thus spake Helder Magalhães:
> Hi Joel,
> > [...], and Squiggle was able to render that, too. This
> > makes it clear that the SVG file is fine and that 1.8pre can render it.
> Great, this narrows the problem quite a bit. I found two separate
> stories here while confirming the behavior:
> * OK with Squiggle trunk (1.8pre) using Java 1.7.0-05 on Windows 7 SP1
> (using "build squiggle")
> * Broken using the Squiggle JAR (using "java -jar batik-squiggle.jar")
> Again, this seems to points towards a manifest/resource/classpath issue

It's broken for me with the 1.8pre Squiggle JAR also.

I coaxed ant into telling me how it's running Squiggle (-v). There were
two things on the classpath in addition to the JARs: xml-batik/classes
and xml-batik/resources. I found that addding xml-batik/classes to my
app's classpath was sufficient to get <image> rendering to work again.

So, that raises the question: What's in clases that's not being packaged
into a JAR? 
> > Can anyone tell me what changed between 1.7 and 1.8pre that could be
> > causing the failure I'm seeing?
> I'd bet on bug #46513. As Thomas already hinted, triple checking the
> service files and related might be a good idea.

I knew about this bug---it was the very reason I tried to switch to
1.8pre in the first place. Our users have been migrating to Java 7 and
complaining that SVG doesn't render properly anymore...

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