I’ve done more research on this, (though I haven’t gotten a solid response from the list yet).  I’ve managed to upgrade to FOP 1.1 in order to nail down if it was a bug in the embedded version of FOP.


Here is what I mean.  The PDF and PNG were both generated from the SVG.  They don’t match.  The PNG matches what I see in Chrome.  The PDF does not.






Is this a bug?  If it’s a bug, I’m happy to file…





From: Rogers, Daniel
Sent: Monday, April 29, 2013 4:52 PM
To: 'batik-users@xmlgraphics.apache.org'
Subject: mismatch between pdf and png




I’m trying to produce a web-based renderer for SVG using batik 1.1.  I’d really like PDF output.  However when I render:




(after deleting the font=”sans-serif” attribute) to png, jpeg and pdf using batik-rasterizer.jar, PDF output is different and clearly NOT matching png, jpeg or browser output.  The blue curve touches the green line in all versions but PDF.  In PDF, the blue curve is below the green line.  Shouldn’t these be the same?


I thought it might be a bug in the version of FOP embedded in batik and tried replacing pdf-transcoder.jar, but it started dragging in a bunch of apache Avalon dependencies, and I didn’t dig further.