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From m.@mherrn.de
Subject Invalid attribute values in CSSEngine when calling appendChild()
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2013 12:40:33 GMT

I am adding complex elements into a DOM that is displayed in a JSVGCanvas.
However, at least after some seconds I get lots exceptions from the CSS
engine. Some examples are attached to this mail.

If such errors occur, many of them are thrown at once for a single call to

As you can see, in most (if not all) cases the faulty attribute value
isn't the attribute value that is really used. For example in exc8, the
error tells that "middle" isn't a valid value to the "visibility"
attribute. But as you can see, the given value is "hidden", not "middle".
So it seems Batik is mashing up some attribute values.

What is even more strange can be seen in exc9. I definitely do not set the
value "hiiddenn". And as you can see in the output, the real value is
"hidden". I have seen the same problems with "blackk" and "whhite" for
example. There must be something very strange going on.

Do you have any hints on this problem?

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