Thank you for your reply.

That is exactly what I'm doing. I'm using tiles (256 x256) with leafletJs.

I'm taking a dwg(autoCad) converting that to an svg and then converting that to a PNG (at the moment 16384 x 12288, zoom level 6) and then convert the PNG in to 256 tiles. This works really well, but the detail I required from the dwg into the png isn't quite there hence 32768 X 24576 (zoom level 7) which does have the exact level of detail.



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As my experience tells me, the res 32k times 24k is too big ! Normally you should use tiles. The question is what do you want to do with this large image. If you want to use it in viewer it normally takes too long to load the image. You should use the same technique like google maps. The have 4 tiles per zoom level. Depending on the image a number of 6 or 7 levels are enough ! Google using 16 is guess.


Mfg Michael

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Please see the attached log file.






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Hi Batik team,


I would like some help and support, I'm currently using batik-rasterizer to convert SVGs to PNGs and this is working great for the following settings:


c:\Apps\batik\batik-1.7>batik-rasterizer.jar -w 16384 -h 12288 -dpi 200 c:\Custom.svg -d c:\Custom.png


However I require a higher resolution of png (its a long story!), when I try the following settings:


c:\Apps\batik\batik-1.7>batik-rasterizer.jar -w 32768 -h 24576 c:\Custom.svg -d c:\Custom2.png


An empty Custom2.png (file size zero) is produced. I can see that mu CPU hits about 50% and the memory peeks about 12 gb (I have 16gb installed in my Windows 7 machine) for about 3 seconds then just drops. I'm thinking that something is running out of memory but I dont know what and batik doesnt throw any out of memory warnings.


Any help or pointers would be greatful to try and over come this problem.