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From Robert Gurol <robert.gu...@signavio.com>
Subject ttf2svg not working for 4Byte Unicode?
Date Mon, 05 May 2014 14:39:38 GMT
Hi all,

I was recently trying to convert a ttf font to svg (in order to embed it in
svgs for batik to work correctly).

I stumbled across a problem with unicode characters of the 4-byte range
(U+10000 - U+1FFFFF, cf. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UTF-8#Description ).

The font I tried to convert is called HanaMinA (
http://sourceforge.jp/projects/hanazono-font/releases/ ) , and contains,
among others, glyphs for the range U+2F800 .. U+2FA1D, i.e.  194560 -
195101 in decimal.

However, the call
java -jar batik-ttf2svg.jar HanaMinA.ttf -l 194560 -h 195101 -o
or even
java -jar batik-ttf2svg.jar HanaMinA.ttf -l 32 -h 2097151 -o
only returned a very small file (some 40kB, instead of some 80 MB), in case
of the latter only containing the ASCII part of the font plus 6 glyphs
above U+3000 (instead of some 40000).

It seems ttf2svg ignores the 4-Byte unicode characters?

Is this a known bug? I could not find it among the known issues in JIRA.

Best regards,


PS: In case anyone has the same problem, I used FontForge (
https://sourceforge.net/projects/fontforge/files/fontforge-source/) as a
PPS: -autorange did not work, either.


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