Hi John,

Could you elaborate a bit on the comparison?
1. Is it between the same Operating System? And same OS version? Please state which one/ones are they.
2. Is it between the same JRE/JDK (Oracle/OpenJDK/etc.)? And same versions? Please state which one/ones are they.

Also, given it's a quality difference, one or two pairs of screenshots between same content in the two environments would quite improve the explanation.

Helder Magalhães

A Sáb, 17/08/2019, 06:54, John-Val Rose <john@rosethorn.technology> escreveu:

Does anyone know why there appears to be a noticeable degradation in both rendering/scaling performance and also in rendering quality of SVGs in Squiggle between Batik 1.9 and 1.11?


What are the major changes that may have resulted in this degradation?