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From Michail Bikoulis <Michail.Bikou...@ementor.no>
Subject RE: keep-together
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2001 09:08:41 GMT
Since keep-together is only implemented for tables (I'm actually using
keep-with-previous and keep-with-next, but I think keep-together is also
implemented), you can do what you are saying by putting a header and a para
pair into one table, in their respective rows. You then use the
keep-together attribute with fo:table-row.

You must be careful in case your table is longer that the page. In cases
like these I sometimes get infinite loops so I have to first find out how
big my table is before using keep-together.



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From: Eric Smith [mailto:Eric.Smith@fruitcom.com]
Sent: 29. oktober 2001 09:05
To: fop-user@xml.apache.org
Subject: keep-together

  First Section
     This is some text which continues for some time and causes the
     page to break just *below* the header called "Second Section".
     ... lots more text ...
  Second Section
     The second paragraph which must be on the same page as the
     header called "Second Section".  I want the page to break before the
     Second Header to prevent this header from being separated from its
     following para block.  If both headers and para's would fit on a
     single page, then of course no break should occur.  This is a
     simplified explanation of the keep-together and widows and orphans
     issue but I would like to start by getting something simple to work.
Eric Smith - currently xalan and fop on linux

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