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From Chuck Paussa <Chuck.Pau...@systems.dhl.com>
Subject Re: Need more diagnostic info from FOP ... how?
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2001 15:49:14 GMT

Hmmmmm. I'm not sure but, I think that you're having a "dueling spec 
collision" problem. The old spec used "master-name" the new spec uses 
"master-reference". I don't think the change has yet been released in 
FOP since the spec change is only a few weeks old. Do a search and 
replace on the DocBook XSL stylesheets. Replace master-reference with 

The FOP "Holliday release" should handle the new spec properly but, 
we're a week or so away from that release.


Trevor Jenkins wrote:

>I'm using fop 0.20.2 with the (1.47 experimental) DocBook XSL stylesheets.
>Although fop reports "Parsing of document complete" when I use this setup
>with my document I receive errors saying:
>[ERROR]: property 'master-reference' ignored
>and then after "Parsing of document complete":
>[ERROR]: 'master-name' for 'fo:page-sequence'matches no
>'simple-page-master' or 'page-sequence-master'
>This last is followed by java exception information. There's then no pdf
>file produced. I can't decide where the error originates. Is it a fault in
>the stylesheet, my understanding, fop itself, or all these and more? Sadly
>as there's no additional info on that error that helps me find the cause
>of the error with the stylesheet.
>Here's the command line I'm using
>~/Fop-0.20.2/fop.sh -d \
>  -xsl /home/trevor/docbook-xsl-1.47-experimental/fo/docbook.xsl \
>  -xml proposal.xml \
>  -pdf proposal.pdf
>The .xml file itself is about 25K. I've tried a (non DocBook) stylesheet
>and fop generates a pdf file.
>Both the stylesheets and Fop are "out of the box".
>Regards, Trevor
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